Shift kite bar

Starting from an original idea from 2009, with multiple patents granted and pending, has worked closely with Canadian kite surfing brand Ocean Rodeo for a next generation concept for a kite control system. The resulting range of products and technologies is brought under the new Innovation3 design brand, with the bar and bar stopper being the first components to hit the market.

Featuring a back line kite trimming system to replace current front line trimming systems, and a single body injection molded structure, this new bar concept opens up ways for enhanced safety and kite landing, as well as improved ergonomics and accuracy for trimming the kite.

Kite trimming involves reducing or increasing the length of the back lines of a four-line sports kite relative to the front lines, in order to adjust the kite power to wind conditions or rider preference. The Stick Shift bar features an ergonomically placed winder that doubles as powering and depowering control. The winder is turned clockwise to power up, and nudged outward to depower. This allows the rider to keep the bar in both hands when depowering.

The winding mechanism only has a minimum of moving parts and is easy to inspect and maintain. The U-shaped bar structure is optimized to flush away any sand and debris buildup.

Video by The KiteMag with Ocean Rodeo's Ned DeBeck, bump to 6:13 to see a run through of the Stick Shift control bar.

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