August 22, 2018

OEM bars rolling out

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturing is a widely use concept in many industries. Open up the hood of your car and you will find many parts from suppliers that are not the brand of the car. In matured sports markets like the bicycle market, you won't find many brands of brake and gear sets while there are hundreds of bike brands around.

Founded by and our long time partner Ocean Rodeo, the r3 brand is becoming an OEM supplier to the kiteboarding industry with it's core product, the Stick Shift back line trim bar. Letting the kite brands focus on marketing their kites for their specific markets, while we engineer the complex safety and control systems.

One of the first of a quickly growing group of kite brands adopting the r3 control systems are Harlem Kitesurfing from The Netherlands. With roughly 70 kite surfing brands operating on all scales from a few hundred to tens of thousands kites per year, this is going to be very interesting.

We congratulate Alex & Hans from Harlem on leading the pack!




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