industrial design consultancy

We step back and survey the landscape of every project's origins and once the designs are there, we go some steps beyond; delivering strong ideas with style, materialization, performance, and comfort into affordable and often industry first designs.

Through our down-to-earth and creative approach we enable our partners to outdo even their own expectations, guiding them through the full cycle of product development including: Creative inception, design, strategic market knowledge, up-to-date manufacturing insights and, production partners to bring the product to life.


Eschewing the term client we partner with brands and manufacturers with executive level commitment to the projects to ensure we communicate the project's goals effectively through the universally understood language of efficient and effective industrial design.

Through this partnership, true value is achieved.


No project is too large or too small; from single use to mass produced, we've worked on them all.



EXTERNAL has build a reliable network of external partners for outsourcing manufacturing, prototyping, FEA and presentation work.


We prefer to stay small yet we're open to review your portfolio at any time.

rudo enserink

From a young age, founder Rudo Enserink MSc (1964) satisfied his creative and mechanical curiosity tinkering on bicycles, model airplanes, guitars and surfboards. By University he was spending hours a day building models and prototypes of his designs and was an early adopter of the nascent 3D CAD on his Atari ST. At this time, he also worked as a modeler for early animated TV and film productions.

By the time he graduated from The Delft University of Technology at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in 1992, Rudo held multiple patents related to the molding and assembly of electric guitars which he was applying in a guitar factory he ran until 1995 when his career as a freelance industrial designer began. In 1996, Rudo partnered with fellow designer Sander Schulp and joined Horizon Design & Development.

After nearly a decade with Horizon, Rudo went on to found in 2005 with an eye to explore new markets and product ideas.