cordless coffee maker

We were wondering if it would be possible to somehow make coffee with a regular Ø6cm coffee pod in a similar fashion to brewing tea with from a bag. After all, that would be super handy! Just dipping the coffee pod in hot water didn't quite do the job, so the question was which technique would.

The first tests with forks and spoons were promising, but the coffee wasn't very convincing. As it turned out, applying equal pressure on the coffee pod without breaking it was tricky. After a table full of prototypes of increasing complexity we landed a super simple design that performed really well. We pride ourselves by saying that bruu'ed coffee is a lot better than coffee from a coffee pod machine!

After a lot of testing with the final concept we decided to take bruu™ to the market in order to let everybody enjoy good coffee without the usual hassle.

™ is a whole new mode of coffee making.
Compared to drip filter systems
brings out
much more taste from the coffee grounds, with less caffeine.

uses standard Ø6cm coffee pods. The taste of
a cup of
coffee comes close to

not as strong as
espresso but having the rich aromatic flavours of the espresso
process. After all, the high pressure inside an espresso machine
mechanically compresses the coffee grounds causing the grounds to
break up and release their aromas. With
, the
patented shape of the blade takes care of this compressing.
Pressing and mangling the grounds promotes the delivery of the
aromatic oils, giving the coffee a full and rich taste.

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