March 13, 2016

bruu™ travel coffee maker ready to hit the market!

We came across this idea when trying to make coffee with the Ø6cm coffee pods* - without the coffee machine they're originally designed for. Attempts started with forks and spoons, and soon evolved into an array of prototypes in various mostly overly complex designs.

This simple design however makes the best tasting cup, in all honesty much better tasting than from the machines. bruu™ allows you to massage the coffee grounds contained in the pods, bringing out the essential flavors and aroma's. And at 15 grams probably the lightest coffee maker around!

We'll be selling it online and through selected retail channels under the bruu™ brand name. Available from June 2016. For information mail us at 

 * available in NW Europe. Best results with 100% Arabica ground.


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