adhesive anchor

Imagine a mounting system you only need to press on to a substrate without any preparation or drilling, that provides a super strong bond superior of any adhesive tape or suction cup within 15 minutes... In 2004 Rudo Enserink and Sander Schulp, then partners in Horizon Design & Development authored a patent for exactly that.

In 2006, furthered on the patented technology with The Hague injection molding specialist Promolding BV. Thousands of tests and countless design changes resulted in a marketable product for Tiger Products, European market leader in luxury bathroom accessories.

The product comprises a plastic cartridge with a breakable seal that contains two components of a Methyl Methacrylate based adhesive and a metal mounting piece.

The main design criterion was to have a guaranteed failure mode: the accessory should break before the adhesive or the substrate. The product has very clear benefits: Reliable, quick, clean and hassle-free installation of bathroom accessories, without waste or left-over adhesive in minimal packaging.

After the market introduction in 2013 the patent was sold to Tiger Products.



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