December 22, 2012

Tigerfix production has started!

Tiger Products BV, the leading European bathroom accessory provider, has embraced Surface Anchor  technology for fixing their high quality products without drilling. By now, the first batches of adhesive filled cartridges have been delivered while the first products are expected to land in the stores by February 2012. This has been a very long road for a such a simple idea, and I am delighted to see that all our joint efforts and patience have resulted in a high quality and effective fastening product that can seriously challenge drilled solutions. What it is is best described in the above video, with the Surface Anchor technology at work in a "Tigerfix" wall mount plate.

Surface Anchor technology is available for many fixing challenges on a vast range of substrates including metals, ceramics, concrete, stone, thermosetting and lots of  plastics, including PA and PP (!). Curing times can be as fast as 10 minutes, depending on the adhesive-substrate combination.

Rudo Enserink


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