August 22, 2018

we've got a winner

When we set out to develop the Stick Shift back line trim bar, we weren't expecting the product to take off for competitive use. Ocean Rodeo, the Canadian kite surf brand is mostly known for its original and innovative product line is usually leaving the rather cash intensive habit of having a cast of pro riders in all sorts of competitions to other brands. Yet with Reece Myerscough emerging in the strapless wave riding elite, some renewed interest in sponsoring athletes recently emerged.

With Reece's father Richard Myerscough - who has a crowded trophy cabinet from his windsurfing days - at the helm of Ocean Rodeo, that should be no surprise.

Spanish strapless freestyle rider Carla Herrera is Ocean Rodeo's most recent addition to the team. She was already familiar with the podium and at the recent GKA stop in Tarifa she convincingly took first place and number one overall ranking, reason for IKSURFMAG to run and in depth interview.




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