Participation in water sports often involves battling the weather. Fortunately, plenty of mostly neoprene wetsuits, drysuits, boots, gloves and caps are available to keep us warm.

But the horror of donning cold, wet gear keeps many off and out of the water during the colder part of the year. Drying you gear in a cold garage just doesn't do it, and taking wet and sandy gear in to your apartment is guaranteed to test your housemates patience.

In 2018, Irish surfer Kieran Sammon approached us with his idea for a different wet suit hanger that hooks on to a standard shower pole, allowing the user to rinse and let dry his wet gear in the shower.
Made from 100% recycled materials, and capable of hanging 5 accessories the likes of boots, gloves and a hood next to a wetsuit, the XRAIL will surely become a weapon of choice to combat donning damp gear!

During the design phase, Kieran has been keen to keep the environmental footprint of his growing product portfolio to a minimum. For the XRAIL, 100% recycled polyamide is used.

EXIT XRAIL introduction video

The XRAIL can be attached to a shower pole simply by placing the hooked end around the pole. The cantilever design grips the pole automatically. A honeycomb structure provides a well ventilated yet evenly loaded surface for the suit to rest on by the waist. The large radius avoids creasing the material, and allows for the accessories to be attached underneath.




Image credits (from top to bottom): 1: enserinkdesign.com, 2: Philip Rafferty, 3: Slick
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