Octalix BV, a brain child from Dutch scientist and entrepreneur Rick Wolleswinkel, started out as provider of smart building solutions in 2004. Where other initiatives in those days would focus on just climate or light management, Octalix outlined a completely integrated building management system that included about every conceivable aspect of building comfort and efficiency.

A seemingly endless array of side-rail and DIN rail sensors, controllers and interfaces were designed that in unison were able to deliver enormous improvements in comfort while drastically reducing the energy consumption.

Imagine a system that controls light output for every luminaire, air humidity, CO2, ventilation, heat for every room, that operates blinds, checks locks, and much more...

enserinkdesign.com was involved as design partner for the look and feel of electronics enclosures, product graphics, plus - while we were there - the complete corporate identity down to business cards and quote folders.

Unfortunately, Octalix collapsed during the 2009 recession when a few high stake installation projects were abruptly cancelled.


Image credits: enserinkdesign.com
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