The PGX smart LED corridor and utility light features al lot of innovations, from the concealed installation system to the networked and sensor driven LED PCB inside. The clean and minimalistic design provides even and gentle illumination when on and blends in with the surroundings when off.

Breaking with the rugged and plain looks of corridor and utility lighting this new LED light fixture features a more refined appearance. Let the smooth looks not deceive you: With IK08 impact protection the NORTON PGX can take a blow.

The 3mm polycarbonate sealed-for-life shell contains the latest in diffusive filler technology to let the light out in an omnidirectional pattern, pleasantly illuminating the walls and ceilings it's mounted to.

The standard version features HI an LO output levels that are easily set with a concealed switch. More advanced versions with radar, a light sensor and network connectivity will be released shortly.

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