French kite surfing brand Kite Attitude specializes in what they call "universal bars", for those who are looking for an affordable replacement control system for their kite set. Over the last two years worked closely with Kite Attitude to develop their new line-up, with the simple "Free Style Wave'" bar and the adjustable width TOTEM VARIO2 bar, both with the fully revamped AKA3 safety quick release.

A "bar" is kite speak for the whole assembly of safety release system (aka "chicken loop"), trim system, the actual bar stick, and all the flying and safety lines, all pre-configured and ready to fly, to attach to the kite bridles.

Kite Attitude prides itself by providing high quality parts available at very decent prices. The bars are highly configurable through the Kite Attitude website.

Over the years Kite Attitude has build a solid reputation amongst kite schools all over Europe, and is becoming an established OEM supplier of components to a growing number of kite surf brands.

A nice view from the cockpit: Stéphane Goffinet zipping around in the Mediterranean on his foil board.

The AKA3 is likely the most compact quick release on the market, allowing for a large bar throw which makes it suitable for people with shorter arms. Other features include a large AISI 316 stainless ball bearing for smooth unspinning, and a patented release mechanism. It is further compliant with the latest AFNOR and ISO safety standards.

The TOTEM VARIO2 bar stick features sleek bar ends that allows the surfer to adjust quickly between four different bar lengths. A longer bar may be used to fly bigger kites (12-14m²), to deliver more input, while a shorter bar is better suitable for smaller kites (5-7m²), to make them fly less nervously.

The bar ends have soft caps to avoid injury and damage. The bar has an all new lightweight centerpiece made from polished stainless steel to minimize wear and tear.



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