In close collaboration with DNA Performance Sailing, the F1 has been developed late 2015 - early 2016. Building on the 2010 DNA class A catamaran, which served as a platform for many developments for hydro-foiling appendages, rigs and lots more, the F1 provides a state of the art basis for new developments to test and implement.

The class A catamaran is a one person racing catamaran designed within a strict set of dimensions, weight and features such as top loading dagger boards for beaching, brought forward by the International A-Division Catamaran Association.

Named coolest sailboat ever built by the catsailingnews.com blog, this boat boast a range of fresh ideas for performance and ergonomics. 

At this performance level, aerodynamics play a defining role. The wing deck leading edge is shaped to assure a clean entry of air flow into the "deck sweeper" sail. In order to reduce aero drag, the rudder cross bar integrates with the wing deck and the transoms are narrowed down. As a result, the F1 is the fastest upwind sailing A-cat ever.

Further novelties include a solid sheet trampoline, injection molded rudder cassette plates, synchronized foil rake control from the trapeze, improved ergonomics and lots more.

Only a bit of breeze is needed to lift the F1 its foils, both reaching and upwind. The series started out highly successful with the 2016 World Championship with Mischa Heemskerk in its very first race.




Image credits: DNA Performance Sailing
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