January 6, 2021


The tension rises in our studio and at PSPL BV's headquarters as the first injected molded parts of our newly developed ATEX light and network housings have arrived. We're tinkering away at the first sets to enter the ATEX certification process: UV and chemical aging, extreme conditions and ingress protection tests will be on the way soon.

For use in ATEX / IIECEx or explosion hazard zones such as chemical plants and mining, as well as HACCP regulated areas such as food processing lines, a range of high performance, smart networked lights and combined networking products will be safely housed in the all new SMI Tubular Housing System or THS in lengths up to 1700mm.

enserinkdesign.com has proudly led the designing for the housing for this and other upcoming products in the PSPL SMI product portfolio, with a focus on ruggedness and assembly and installation ease.

Please visit the PSPL website for more and updated information.

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