August 11, 2020

Never Design Your Own Logo

Like architects, industrial designers have a soft spot for logo and font design. Logos are a challenging. The game of white/black balance, readability, recognisability and that quest for the pun, the obvious or veiled message like the white arrow in the FEDEX logo, it's so much fun to do and since we're usually adroit with some Adobe, within reach.

But take it from us, get someone external to do your own logo. Delft based designer Mark Moget in 2005 did ours, the e with the little snippet clipped out. We wouldn't think of that!
If we were to design our own logo we'd probably still be at it...

The image above shows some recent logo design from our studio. Answers below.

tubular lights in SMI BRIGHT (brand for industrial explosion safe lighting)
stylized S and W make waves for shapewave
mirrored ampersand / dna spells
and backwards (performance sailing mulithulls)
3 kites make K and A (universal sports kite control systems)

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