July 5, 2013

Meanwhile at the bar...

We came across this great picture by Linn Svendsen of perennial Ocean Rodeo pro rider Jérémie Tronet in the last edition of Kite World magazine and decided to put it up here.

In this shot he's pulling a very low F16, or "unhooked back-roll with kite loop", a very fast and powerful move that oozes style if done correctly. While he may not have invented this one, he did invent the "Jezus Walk", which certainly ranks as one of the craziest tricks in kiteboarding.

In this shot Jéré rides 2013 Razor kite, 2012 free-style bar and his signature 2013 JT Pro board.

Over the past year we have worked closely with Ocean Rodeo Sports Inc. on new kite control system stuff, more on this later.


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