J-boards make catamarans fly

Following the developments in the large and tech-dominated 72ft America's Cup, the small single pilot A-Cats are now made ready to fly over the water like hydrofoils. The 2013 release of the super successful DNA A-Cat features "J-boards", or dagger boards curved in such a way they can effectively lift both hulls off the surface. Now that would have been a relatively easy case of copycatism if the box rules for these hot little cats didn't insist on "beach launch-ability", meaning that the dagger-boards have to be lowered in to and through the hulls top down. A complex shaped dagger board with a matching top loading box have been designed and tested. Initial tests indicate the system works and provides plenty of lift in light and medium conditions, if combined with the rudder winglets for trim and stabilization.

All new hulls have been prepared with the new boxes and DIY sets of boxes, J-dagger boards and rudder winglets are currently being made available as after market service for those who already own a DNA cat.


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